The definition of the Human-friendly website

It’s true that a website needs to be favoured by the google if the owner wants to reach the first page of that popular search engine. The website needs to be SEO-friendly. It means just like what we’ve mentioned above, it must be liked by the google. However, just being SEO-friendly won’t guarantee your website to have the higher ranks on the google search result. According to the Jasa SEO Jakarta, right now a website needs to be human-friendly as well.

The term human-friendly is not far from the SEO-friendly. If SEO-friendly means that the website is liked by google, then the human-friendly means that the website is favored by the humans. Yes, the google AI is capable of evaluating the website that has been visited by many human visitors. Back in the days, before the google AI is looking for the human-friendly websites, the bad quality websites are often to appear on the first page. After the Google.Inc has got a lot of complaints, then it has changed the google AI way to look for the qualified websites that deserve the spotlight.