Frozen egg and fresh egg

There are two types of eggs that can be used for fertilization and both can provide satisfactory results, If we do buy donor eggs in IVF centers and egg bank, we will find fresh eggs and frozen egg. There are some significant differences between both types of eggs. First, to speed delivery. Fresh eggs slow in delivery and for Frozen egg immediately or sooner. The second is the availability of multiple embryos. For fresh eggs, we can get some embryos available while for frozen egg, we as a receiver only get two embryos. The third is the scheduling flexibility. For this third point in dedicated to the birth of time desired by the recipient. If using fresh eggs, the receiver needs to synchronize and schedule. For frozen egg can be adjusted. The fourth and final point is the cost. The difference is big enough we can see in the price of fresh eggs and frozen egg. If frozen egg only costs $ 17,000 and also includes the cost of a doctor, but the fresh egg cost is $ 40,000.