Reservations easy and fast!

A reservation can be said if the warranty has been given as collateral in the form of pre-payment is a payment made by a number of potential guests for the price of the room and facilities were booked during the stay before they use the facility or occupy the room. Credit Card is the guarantee of the room by using a credit card bill, at the time the reservation clerk just ask for your name and credit card number. Advance Deposit is a guarantee submitted or paid by prospective guests to the hotel in a certain amount, at least the price of a room for one night or more, less than the overall price for the stay.

Contract deal is a guarantee accompanied by the hotel with an enterprise, a form of cooperation in which the company agreed to pay a sum to the hotel software. The payment was made when the rooms are used or not used. A travel agent is the guarantor of a booking made by the travel agent. Usually, the tool used is a voucher. While not guaranteed the reservation is a reservation that is not accompanied by any collateral. Just make sure the hotel rooms booked are available to the extent specified time when the arrival date. Usually, the deadline is at 18:00 local.