The simple guide to a good choose a costume for a costume party

A costume party requires you to make more preparation than just a regular casual or formal party. you obviously require a costume, in order to join the party. Although there are many choices of costume out there, you can’t choose it randomly, due to the costume that’s not suitable for you will make you looks weird and even stupid. There are several considerations that you need to think before you’re choosing a costume. You can click here to learn more about the selection of great costumes at the great gatsby costumes.

We’d like to share a simple guide for you to choose a good costume for a costume party:

1. Your personality

Choose a costume that suits your personality. If you’re a friendly or good-humored person, a bright colored and funny costume might be suitable for you. A pirate or sexy Santa costume could be your example for your selection. If you’re an elegant person, choose the one that’s glittering under the disco lights. Golden or purple color will definitely increase your elegance. The mafia costume is recommended for men while for the women the beaded or scaled costumes are the perfect choices. If you feel like being shady in a crowd, the black colored costumes are great. As for the model for mysterious people, the hooded assassin robe could be your best choice.

2. The party theme

Before you’re choosing a costume for a party, you gotta make sure whether a party requires you to wear a certain type of costume, or you can choose it freely. This is important so you will not embarrass yourself when you’re coming to the party. Although the party is a costume party, a particular theme could also be selected for the costume. Read the invitation carefully, or simply call the party organizer in order to ask more about it.

3. The size

Although it sounds trivial, the size of a costume will determine your behavior in the party. If you’re wearing a costume that’s too tight, you won’t be able to act normally and won’t feel comfortable. If it’s too loose, you’ll always paranoid that your costume will be sagged by itself.