Things to Avoid While Watching Movies at Home

Do you like watching movies or nonton movie? So do many other people. In fact, it has been one of the most common things to do in spare time other than listening to music and reading books. The same with the other activities mentioned here, watching movies can also give you several inconveniences if you do it wrong. Thus, in this text, we will inform you what you better avoid doing while watching movies.

–    Do Not Watch for Too Long
Many dangers can result if you linger in front of the computer for too long; among others are eye disorders and impotence. Therefore, after watching the film of your choice, first turn off your computer, do not proceed with the other films.

–    Do Not Bend Your Body Too Much
There is no doubt anymore that the body will feel more comfortable when bowing in front of the computer. This type of convenience from using a computer is what makes the body less upright. The result is a disruption in the body posture.