Walking on the stairs must be done carefully in order to avoid accidents

It’s obvious that everyone must be careful and pay attention to the direction where they’re walking, especially on the stairs. These days, there are many accidents that have happened due to the people are texting while walking, rushing to the office, and much more minor things that could cause a surprising accident. According to the Hand Surgeon Houston, Jeffrey E. Budoff, MD, the stairs are one of the most frequent places where people had many accidents and injuries, just like the bone fracture.

Although it’s obvious that everyone have known that walking on the stairs must be done carefully, It sometimes still important to warn many people about the risk of falling down on a stair, due to there are still many accidents that cause the bone fracture that has happened every day, due to the people’s lack of concentration. No matter how trivial this might’ve heard, it’s better to prevent the accident than to heal it, due to the bone fracture injury will cost so much money and time.