You will do the training with much greater intensity than the first time

Get a slim body ideal and a dream for all women. Why not, the fashion industry now produces many of clothing the woman with the ideal size or proportion. The slim body can also make women appear confident in front of others, and therefore a lot of people who take the wrong path for slimming like manner excessive dieting, heavy exercise so it is very risky for health. How slimming highly recommended by the doctor that is by exercising regularly every day so that our fat is reduced, but there are times when some of us are too lazy to spend time with exercise. If you are still confused by what method you should slim, maybe you can try Queima de 48 Horas.

Queima de 48 Horas is a system which is summarized in the minutes short and simple variation, but with high intensity, interval training is a differential that has the potential to continue to burn fat, even after completion of training. That’s why people choose this method. Every time you train your body and you will continue to burn fat even for 48 hours and it’s called science EPOC which stands for excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. Doing some cycles for 8 weeks has become a proven way to get a reduction in fat are high and the results can be enjoyed by everyone.